Qingdao Xiangrui Rubber Conveyer Belt

Skirt conveyor belt
Skirt conveyor belt

Skirt conveyor belt


The skirt conveyor belt has the characteristics of wide range of use, small footprint, no transfer point, reduced civil construction investment, low maintenance cost, and large conveying capacity;

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Structure: Skirt conveyor belt, also known as electronic scale belt, is composed of base belt and sidewall.

The skeleton material of the baseband is made of polyester-cotton dipped canvas (EP canvas, NN nylon cloth), and measures such as increasing the rubber content of the rib and attaching nylon cloth as the skeleton layer inside the rib are adopted; the bending resistance of the rib is enhanced. Flex and tear resistance, improve the service life of the rib.

Bonding of base belt and ribs of skirt conveyor belt: The advanced technology of secondary synchronous low temperature continuous vulcanization is adopted, which improves the bonding strength and avoids the phenomenon of aging base belt due to multiple high temperature vulcanization.



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